Salon Hours

  1. Days of operation: NorthBark will be open 6 days a week, closed only on Sunday’s.We will be closed on most major Holidays.
  2. Hours: NorthBark will be open from 9 am until pm everyday.
  3. Scheduling: NorthBark understands everyone’s schedules and needs vary, so weoffer a variety of days and times for appointments. (Early mornings, afternoons, evenings.) Special requests for days and times can be made and we will do our best to accommodate accordingly. We HIGHLY recommend scheduling your future appointments in advance to ensure you receive the day and time needed for you. A recommended time frame for regular grooming can be anywhere from 4-8 weeks between grooms depending on your pets specific needs.
  4. Walk-in services: NorthBark happily offers walk-in services for the following needs:Nail trimming/filing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, 5-15 minute brush outs (longer brush outs need scheduled to ensure time is available.), paw pad/sanitary clipping, light face trims, anal gland expression.
  5. Cancellation and vaccination policies:​ As per Pennsylvania State Law, North Bark requires all pets coming into the salon to be current on their Rabies Vaccination. This is a yearly or 3 year duration vaccine so paperwork proof of the vaccination is required to ensure accurate expiration date. Collar tags cannot be accepted as a form of proof as they do not provide accurate dating information. Special exceptions are absolutely made for elderly pets or pets with special health needs that vets have deemed unable to be vaccinated. We simply ask for a document from your veterinarian stating the reason why your pet cannot be vaccinated and to ensure your pet is in stable enough health to endure the grooming process. Though we only require the Rabies vaccination in order to visit the salon, we certainly recommend all other vaccinations your veterinarian recommends. Cancellations​ and no shows for appointments: We understand things come up and sometimes appointments need cancelled, or rescheduled. We ask that you please​ call us as much in advance as possible when needing to cancel or reschedule.​ Habitual no showing of scheduled appointments may result in us discontinuing future services. Your time and ours is important and we follow a strict timing when scheduling to ensure all pets receive the time and care they need. If you are running late or behind for an appointment please call to inform us. We will always be happy to try and accommodate you, but certain cases appointments may need to be rescheduled.